50 ingilizce Kelime Öğren (Random)

Sizler için hazırlamış olduğum bu ingilizce kelimeler günlük hayatınızda karşınıza çıkabilecek olan kelimelerdir. Öncelikle örnek cümleleri anlayıp, sonrasında siz de kendi örnek cümlelerinizi oluşturursanız, ingilizce öğrenme ve kelime haznesi artırma konusunda iyi bir yol alabilirsiniz.

Keyboard (kiibord)

Will your father buy an expensive keyboard for you?

Paper (peypır)

They need to cut all these papers in half.

Purpose (pörpıs)

What was his purpose yesterday.

Daughter (dautır)

His daughter is studying French.

Mustache (masteş)

Please tell him to cut his mustache.

Head (hed)

Could you please use your head sometimes.

Terrible (teribıl)

I can’t breathe, this market smells terrible.

Floor (fıloor)

My home is on seventh floor.

Key (kii)

She forgot her keys in the car.

Lighter (laytır)

Their lighters are very cheap.

Plant (pılent)

Red plants look dangerous to me.

Road (rood)

This road is closed for so long.

Carpet (karpıt)

Don’t touch the carpet with your dirty hands.

Pocket (pakıt)

We have no money in our pockets.

Letter (letır)

You need to know all letters of the alphabet.

Health (helt)

Health is more important than money.

Word (word)

How many words can she write in one minute.

Cartoon (kartuun)

My little sister watches cartoons every morning.

Cover (kavır)

I lost my yellow bottle’s cover.

Beard (biırd)

She hates long beard in men.

Tree (tırii)

Did you ever wonder why trees are green?

Profit (pırofit)

We must increase the profit of our products immediately.

Never (nevır)

Never trust a man who is a liar.

Employer (employır)

I will talk with my employer for raise.

Employee (employii)

All employees were sitting in front of the building.

Break (bıreyk)

I need a break after this homework.

Wall (voll)

Haven’t you paint the walls yet.

Painkiller (peinkilır)

Taking a lot of painkillers is dangerous.

Psychology (saykooloci)

It is impossible to understand women psychology.

Washing With Green Soap Özel İngilizce Hikaye Okuyun

Attitude (etituud)

Watch your attitude! You are not in highschool.

Similar (similır)

He never wears similar watches.

Balance (belıns)

Table’s legs need balance to stand still.

Major (meycır)

This city’s major problem is electricity right now.

Raise (reyiz)

Pay raises should be twice a year.

Severe (seviır)

I had a severe headache yesterday.

Dessert (dizört)

It is not healthy to eat dessert after dinner.

Bone (boon)

I am not fat, my bones are big.

Presentation (pırezenteyşın)

Is your presentation ready for tonight.

Mall (moll)

When there is a sale, malls become very crowded.

Pain (peyin)

What medicine I can use for my severe pain?

Mobile Phone (mobayıl foon)

No, your father never buys a cheap mobile phone.

Disgusting (disgasting)

Those mushrooms smell disgusting.

Honest (anıst)

The waiter in the restaurant was very honest.

Necklace (neklıs)

She didn’t like your necklace. She thinks it is too fancy.

Dirty (dörti)

Your room is so dirty. How can you live in here?

Luggage (lagıç)

What kind of luggage is that?

Dormitory (dormitori)

I stayed 4 years in this terrible dormitory.

Alone (aloon)

Will you be alone at your home this morning?

Crowded (kıravdıd)

Living in crowded cities is difficult.

Direction (dayrekşın)

Thief went this direction. Catch him!


Bu random İngilizce kelimeler, sizin pratik yapabilmeniz için özel olarak hazırlandı.




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